Eden M. Kennedy

mission accomplished, pal

Eden M. Kennedy is the co-author (with Alice Bradley) of the book Let's Panic About Babies! (St. Martin's Press, 2011).

A former college-radio DJ, Mrs. Kennedy has driven cross-country six times in a 1973 Volkswagen Bug and enjoys standing on her head.

Currently she works at a nonprofit and is just about finished writing her first novel.

Breakfast for the Giddy and Easily Distracted

I'm going to give Matthew credit for my breakfast choice today because as I was eating a giant slice of chocolate cake at 9:45 this morning I recalled him writing once about eating a chocolate chip muffin for breakfast, and how being a grownup was just like what he thought it would be when he was six.

I guess I needed to have the sense that I'd fulfilled a lifelong dream today.